New Release!

Super Fish 3 is now available in paperback and ebook. This is the third book in this fantastical fish tale.


Who is Super Fish? Where did she come from? What made her so fantastic? For too long these questions have gone unanswered, until now. In this third installment of Super Fish, a window into the past is opened and her origins revealed.

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New Release

Super Fish 2 is now available in paperback and ebook. There is currently a third book of this fantastical fish tale in the works.

About Super Fish 2
Super Fish is back for this second hilarious story. This time, to find Super Fish, you must speak to an octopus with a strange appetite. He has a challenge for you. Are you up to the task?

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New Release

Just released a hilarious bedtime story for kids and moms. Go to Sleep Mom! by Mary Eakin is an imaginative role reversal that will delight both parents and their little ones.

This is the story of a young boy just trying to put his tired mom to sleep. It begins with him being woken by a strange sound. While sneaking out of his room to investigate, he discovers something terrible, a list of all the chores his mom needs to do in order to sleep. Not only that but, he surmises if this is not complete, she may just turn into a zombie! In order to save his mother from an awful fate, the boy embarks on a plan to rid his mom of the terrible to-dos and get her to sleep.

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New Release

The Pig Who Ruled Minecraft
By Steve Jamison

When Pig and Chicken are left homeless by a hoard of Zombies, they also lose their friend Steve. They have no choice but to embark on a crazy adventure across the treacherous world of Minecraft to find their friend. Their journey takes them across many lands as they encounter horrible creatures. Can a mere Pig and Chicken survive this perilous world?

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New Release

Four years after completing the beloved Mia Collection of books, author Mary Lee has decided to continue the imaginative series with Crazy, Wonderful Science. 

Empowering Young Girls Science and Imagination Skills!

Mia is a small girl with a big imagination. She has a science fair coming up and simply can’t decide what project to do. Should she make a rainbow, a wacky gadget, a volcano or the universe? Children will love seeing Mia’s imagination run wild in the amazing world of science. In this world, a girl can do any fantastical thing she can think of.

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