Crazy, Wonderful Science


Empowering Young Girls Science and Imagination Skills!

Mia is a small girl with a big imagination. She has a science fair coming up and simply can’t decide what project to do. Should she make a rainbow, a wacky gadget, a volcano or the universe? Children will love seeing Mia’s imagination run wild in the amazing world of science. In this world, a girl can do any fantastical thing she can think of.

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What People Are Saying

“Being a huge fan of science in general and chemistry in particular, I was eager to read this book to my six-year-old cousin. I think this sums it up- She loved it! There was enough food for thought in there, and Mia was a very relatable character. The author not only managed to ignite curiosity about science in young minds, but also did it without making the whole process tedious and boring!”
-Prapti Panda

“I am a strong supporter of children’s literacy, and I enjoy seeing books that engage the child and teach them something at the same time. Mary Lee’s illustrations in her books are whimsical and beautifully rendered. Anyone with a young child who is wondering what to do for a science project will find this book an enormous help, with easy to understand instructions on building a rainbow jar and a volcano. I would recommend this book for your child.”
-Lynn Reads

“I enjoyed sharing this book with my daughters. ‘Crazy, Wonderful Science’ by Mary Lee includes a reading comprehension quiz and two science projects. The text is engaging and provides a few vocabulary challenges for first and second grade students. The main character, Mia, is charming and girls will find it very easy to relate to her. The whimsical illustrations complement the text beautifully. Overall, this is fine book for children in 1st through 3rd grade.”
-Mark Jones