Go to Sleep Mom!


This is the story of a young boy just trying to put his tired mom to sleep. It begins with him being woken by a strange sound. While sneaking out of his room to investigate, he discovers something terrible, a list of all the chores his mom needs to do in order to sleep. Not only that, but he surmises if this is not complete, she may just turn into a zombie! In order to save his mother from an awful fate, the boy embarks on a plan to rid his mom of the terrible to-dos and get her to sleep.

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What People Are Saying
“This heartwarming story that is perfect for young children. I have a four-year-old boy who enjoyed the book from beginning to end. I thought the story was cute and original. I loved reading it from the young child’s point of view.

I recommend this book to any parent with young children. A great read before bed!”
-Jon Dudycha

“This little book is precious. My son thinks it is very funny to see how the little boy ‘completed’ his mom’s chores. I have suggested this book to my friends with little ones.”
-Beth Price-Almeida

“Its a great read and great illustrations. If you’re looking for options for bed time stories this is definitely one to put on the list.”
-J. Cross