The Smartest Princess


Every year, girls from all over the world compete to see who is the smartest. If they’re not already a princess, winning this contest would make them one.
Many face off in this extraordinary competition, but who will win?

In bestselling author Mary Lee’s new book, we see a beautifully illustrated land where girls and princesses use their wits and find out what’s really important. This fun and heartwarming tale is perfect for little princesses everywhere.

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What People Are Saying
“The story starts off in an untraditional way with princesses competing in an intelligence completion, but takes an even more unexpected turn at the end. Very appropriate in our very competitive culture.”
-K. McQuaide

“Beautiful Book. This book is not any princess story. It touches up on the importance of cultivating ones intellect but also highlights the importance of exhibiting moral values such as love, caring, and kindness.”

” It’s a wonderful book to read to young girls with its colorful, beautiful illustrations and the good lesson it imparts.”
-The Joyful Reviewer


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