The Princess ABC Picture Book


There are a lot of princesses in the world. There are so many that a person could name one for each letter of the alphabet!

This book is a great way for your own little princess to learn the alphabet. Each letter shows a different beautifully illustrated princess. That’s 26 fabulous princesses!

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What People Are Saying
“It is very engaging and colorful. The princesses are just adorable!”
-Michelle Leilani

“The pictures are great. I particularly loved the fact that the pictures of the princesses used in this book all looked different and seemed to represent a large ethnic variety. I think it important for little girls to see that a princess can look like anyone. My toddler loved this too.”
-Gina Kelly

“For children who like to play princess and prince and who are learning their ABC’s, this is the perfect book. The author, Mary Lee, has written a lovely book featuring a princess representing each letter of the alphabet with a Princess name. My granddaughter was overjoyed to find her name Violet as one of the princesses. Violet the princess even looks like my granddaughter, Violet. But, even if your name is not on the princess list, you will enjoy looking at each princess and what she is wearing. This may, indeed help you to learn the alphabet.

Parents/teachers will enjoy reading this book to their children. The children can repeat the princess name and relate it to the alphabet. The most beautiful part of this book are the illustrations of each princess. They are really quite exquisite. The illustrations are bright, vivid and colorful. The children will turn to his book to look at the pictures time and time again.”

-Prisrob (Top Vine Voice Reviewer)