The History of Veggies


Have you ever wondered where Vegetables came from? Ed the dragon knows, and he can’t wait to tell the amazing story. Follow the adventure as Ed and his sister, Squish, travel over vast distances to find their treasure.

This book is a fun and engaging way to teach children about veggies and healthy eating. Children will enjoy the colorful illustrations, and parents will approve of the positive message.

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What People Are Saying
“The History of Veggies by Mary Lee is an imaginative creatively delivered tale about an oh-so-cute dragon and Squish, his little friend! This book was just about perfect language level for my 8 year-old. The illustrations are excellent and what’s more important is the great message. Ed the dragon learns that eating bright and colorful veggies is lots of fun and tasty too!

I definitely recommend you add this sweet tale to your library collection.”
-Cathy Wilson

“Kids love it when parents read to them. But they love it even more when parents interact with them while reading. The History of Veggies (An Ed the Dragon Book) is the kind of read aloud story that creates interaction. Some is done in the pages themselves, like asking the kids to find the map. Some of the interaction is created by asking kids to guess what Ed and Squish are finding. And finally, some of the interaction can be parent-driven because the book offers a change to talk about how vegetables add energy to the body. It’s the perfect (short) length for a small child’s attention span. A good choice for mommy’s and daddy’s with young children.”
-Linda Schneider

“I am always finding new and creative ways to teach my two kids and this ebook was a great example of Children’s Literature. It has gorgeous illustrations, and a fantastic story. Loved it!”
-Kickarse Heroine Reviews