Sweet Dreams, Little Pup


One night, Little Pup went to bed early, being very excited to get to dreamland. There was just one problem. Little Pup couldn’t sleep.

Watch Little Pup find a way to dreamland in this charming, beautifully illustrated bedtime story. This book encourages the imagination and helps children get themselves to sleep.

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What People Are Saying

“Here is a good little pup. Before going to bed he is doing what all children should do, in fact, what everybody should do. I won’t give away what it is, but I can tell you that you find it on page six. – “Sweet Dreams, Little Pup” is Mary Lee’s latest book. It is another jewel among the children books she has produced. The colors, the messages and the pictures are just beautiful. Paging through it you can feel that this book was produced by someone who can slip into the role of a child herself and then create something truly outstanding.”
-Johann David Renner

“So very cute! My grand daughter and I love this book. Bedtime stories are really important and a time to share the love of a beautiful book which is exactly what this book is. You turn the pages with love and the book is full of love because this author (I love the series) makes reading books to little kids a beautiful shared memory!”
-Katy Brodsky

“Read this with my reluctant while waiting for school to start. She didn’t want to read until I started and she saw the adorable pup. She read each page with me asking if we could buy more by the author and about Little Pup.”
-Maria Gagliano (Top Vine Voice Reviewer)