Surprise in the Kitchen


Mia is a sweet little girl with a big imagination. While she loves adventure, cooking is not her thing. To show her mom just how much she loves her, she’ll try anything and the results are hilarious.

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What People Are Saying
“I read this book to my children and they loved it. The thing that really drew them in was the pictures. They loved looking at them and trying to find all the different things. My son particularly loved the picture of the milkshake mountain which was great considering he thinks all things “girls” are stupid. The story for the book was good and it wasn’t too long or too short for small children’s attention spans. All in all I found this to be an excellent addition to my children’s kindle books and I know it is one that will be looked at often.”
-Amanda Evans

“Surprise in the kitchen is part of the Mia series for young girls. It’s a delightful picture book with the cute character of Mia of her mother featured in a slice-of-life scenario that will bring a smile to your face. All mothers and daughters have their dilemmas and with Mia it’s her lack of enthusiasm in the kitchen. But being a thoughtful girl, she decides to address her challenge with humorous results. This is the sort of feel-good book that’s a boon for young girls. It gives them a coherent narrative against a backdrop of engaging illustration – and there’s the added benefit of a gentle moral to the tale.”
-Zita Weber

“My granddaughter loved the book! She just loves Mia books! I have purchased a few others and she loves them all.”
-Gail Koppelman