pop the BUBBLE!


Do you want to make a bubble? Just open this book and embark upon a magical bubble adventure! Each delightful page instructs the reader to blow, shake, tickle, and anything could happen. Children will love creating a bubble, playing with it and of course they’ll want to pop the bubble! Encouraging imagination with exciting interactive elements will make this a wonderful read-aloud experience.

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What People Are Saying
“This is an excellent, interactive children’s book that works in the motion of swiping needed to turn the page on a kindle or ebook reading devise. The author is a genius for thinking this up. Five giant stars!!”
-Charissa Dufour

“This is a great little interactive book. It also allows a child to use their imagination. The graphics were spot on, colourful, and a delight to look at. Mary Eakin will keep the kids mused and entertained with Pop the Bubble. It’s a title children will want to go back to and read again.”

“Perfect quick bedtime story for a toddler. My 3 year old loves it and wants to read it every night. Illustrations are simple but cute.”
-Jeanie S.