Not Just a Princess!


Mia is a sweet little girl with a big imagination. She has lots of fun playing pirate, having tea with a mermaid and flying with rainbow-swans. In this adventure filled story, a girl has no limit on what she can be.

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What People Are Saying
“What a delightful story about a little girl wanting to be more than just a princess. I would recommend this book to any child!”
-Club House Arts

“What little girl doesn’t want to be a princess? Perhaps we are stereotyping our daughters when we assume they want to parade around in pretty dresses and nothing more. Mia shows us that little girls want to be more than a princess. She wants to be a lioness or a starfish. This delightful story shows little girls that no matter what they want to be, they can. I will recommend it to all my friends who have little girls.”
-Joan C. Curtis

“As a teacher of young children, I just love this new book.

The soft sherbert colors of the illustrations provide visual clues to this wonderful story. This is a really cute book about a little girl called Mia. As soon as you turn the first page, you understand that Mia is everyone’s little princess. There is a Princess in every little girl who wears dresses and looks pretty. It is often a role little girls can get cast in a stereotype role and stuck with gender role-playing, through their entire childhood.

But when young readers meet Mia, they come to discover Mia has second thoughts about her “just a princess” role and changes her mind.She decides she will no longer be everyone’s princess. She stands up for herself and politely tells her mum and dad she’s quit being a princess. She will only be true herself! Her world changes along with this thought.

Young readers will come to love Mia in her new role as is a dynamic unstoppable little girl. Capable of anything and everything.

I totally agree with the message. Read along or alone, it’s an easy book to help any girl understand that their hopes, dreams, and imaginations are what makes them special , unique and individual. Here’s a story that encourages a big self-helping of positive self-esteem as readers come along with Mia on her creative adventures of imagination.”
-Katy Brodsky