Little Girl Pink


Emma is an active little girl who is having trouble falling asleep. Her mother explores many things to help her, but is the situation impossible without her old, grey bear? Adorably illustrated characters and fun rhymes make for the perfect bedtime story to put your own little one to sleep. Emma’s stories enhance your child’s imagination with fun and magical adventures. To see more Emma books, check out “Emma and Snowbell,” “Emma Had a Little Turkey,” “You Are My Pumpkin,” and “Big Girl Potty” by Mary Lee.

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What People Are Saying
“Perfect and simple bedtime story for toddlers and preschoolers. A toddler who is called Little Girl Pink is having trouble sleeping because she can’t find her grey bear. Counting sheep, reading books, and a warm bath fail to lull her into sleepiness. In desperation, Mom comes up with one more idea. Will it work?”
-Barbara Mojica

“This little book is FABULOUS! Great illustrations, a fun, rhyming story, and a most adorable little girl.”
-Michael C. Cain

“The author, Mary Lee, has written a sweet story about Little Girl Pink. Little Girl Pink cannot get to sleep. Her momma has tried everything, singing, reading stories, a warm bath, but Little Girl Pink wants her grey bear. Grey bear is not to be found, and Little Girl Pink will not go to sleep. All of a sudden mom a has an idea. When you read this story you will discover what momma’s idea was, and if she was successful.

Parents/teachers will enjoy reading this story to their children. The children may be able to identify with Little Girl Pink, and her favorite toy, grey bear. It is difficult to go to sleep when one of your loveies is missing. The illustrations are bright, vivid and colorful, and depict the adventures of grey bear and Little Girl Pink’s sleepless night. A sweet book for children and their parents.”
-Prisrob (Top Vine Voice Reviewer)