For My Daughter: With Crazy, Flowery Love


Humorously written from a mother to her daughter, the message of this book expresses the maddening love that only a parent could feel. The pages are filled with so many sweet and amusing sentiments that, if your daughter doesn’t feel appreciated after reading them, you might want to check her pulse.

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What People Are Saying

“I bought this book for my kindle, but I plan on getting a hard copy to keep for my daughter and I. Its pages are filled with beautiful images and words, sentiments to a daughter from her mother. As a mother myself, I found myself laughing aloud and getting teary-eyed. I even read some to my own daughter. This is a lovely book that I’ll read again, and I highly recommend it. Splendid job, Mary Lee!”
-Carissa Ann Lynch

“This is a beautiful little book filled with amazing pictures and beautiful sentiments. Each flower is so vivid and colorful. This would make a lovely gift on a special birthday, like a 21st, to a daughter from her mother. You read the book in landscape orientation so the images are displayed at their best. My favorite page is “You are adventurous”.”