Emma’s Holiday Collection




Includes three books.

You Are My Pumpkin
A beautifully illustrated bedtime story to tell your own little pumpkins you love them. Also, a fun way to get children excited for Halloween with adorable characters, colorful scenes and a sweet story.

Emma Had A Little Turkey
Girls and boys will love this rhyming story about Emma and her pet turkey.

“Emma had a little turkey.
Its feathers were soft as snow
and everywhere that Emma went,
the turkey was sure to go”

What’s a better way to make children laugh than a hilarious turkey tale?

This turkey loves following its friend Emma all the way to her soccer game. Best-selling author Mary Lee has written an endearing story with adorable characters brought to life with colorful, wacky illustrations.

Emma and Snowbell
Emma is an adventurous little girl who not only gets to meet a reindeer, she gets to fly one, too! Join Emma as she explores the world with her new reindeer friends. Adorably illustrated characters and fun rhymes make for the perfect bedtime story this holiday season.

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What People Are Saying

“Great book for very young children. It contains three books. One for Halloween, one for Thanksgiving, and one for Christmas. The stories are in poetry form and some of them are take offs from other stories. I had been hunting for a children’s book with the name Emma in it because I have a granddaughter named Emma. I had so much fun reading the books to her today. It was her birthday and she just turned one. I had it on my e-reader and she helped me turn the pages.”

“We sang the stories after reading them, and my girls loved it. Sweet stories, adorable pictures, and familiar tunes. Fun memories!”
-Tabitha L.