Emma Had A Little Turkey


Girls and boys will love this rhyming story about Emma and her pet turkey.

“Emma had a little turkey.
Its feathers were soft as snow
and everywhere that Emma went,
the turkey was sure to go”

What’s a better way to get children excited for Thanksgiving than a hilarious turkey tale?

This turkey loves following its friend Emma all the way to her soccer game. Best-selling author Mary Lee has written an endearing story with adorable characters brought to life with colorful, wacky illustrations.

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What People Are Saying
“Emma Had a Little Turkey by Mary Lee is an imaginative tale with a delightful twist! A turkey that plays soccer! My little ones loved reading this one. The length was just about perfect for my 6 year-old and 3 year-old. Lots of laughs for sure and the illustrations are impressive.”
-Cathy Wilson

“Very enjoyable children’s book by Author Mary Lee based on the same rhyming theme as “Mary Had A Little Lamb”. Emma takes this special turkey to her soccer game and it pays off big time with an unexpected win. The pictures are colorful and bright and will bring much pleasure to its young reading audience. It’s a great time of the year to read and enjoy “Emma Had A Little Turkey” during this incredible fall season and with Thanksgiving just around the corner.”
-Dolores Ayotte

“I love Thanksgiving more for good times spent with family and, of course, the good food (no offense to the turkey) without all the crazy running around at Christmas time. This book had great artwork and a simple rhyme based on “Mary Had A Little Lamb” that made for an easy, fun read. I liked it!”
-Don Kidwell (Top Amazon Reviewer)