Big Boy Potty


Your little baby is growing up. Time to say, “Goodbye, diapers!” They won’t be missed. While you may be completely on board with the idea of potty training, getting a toddler excited is another story.

In this adorable illustrated book by bestselling author Mary Lee, a little boy is very happy to become a big boy. This is a great story to help tots understand the basic steps of going potty, and encourages them to get excited about it.

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What People Are Saying
“What I liked best about this book is that it speaks in a very simple language that even young toddlers can understand. It shows them what potty training is really all about, which can make them less worried about the new experience.”
-S. Nothman

“If you have a child (a boy) who is trying to learn to be potty trained, then this is a great book to sit down with him and read to him and show him the pictures. Or if you know someone in that situation, get this book for them. I think it would really help. The pictures are cute and the child will love it.”
-James Hoag

“Short and fun, very good illustrations. He wanted to go buy new undies after finishing the book. Recommended for all.”
-Karla G. Guerra